Designing engaging environments

Creating and developing content



We immerse ourself in your brand, who you are, what you do and why you do it. This help us understand your needs and how we can help you


Partnering with you, we develop a plan that addresses your brand’s most critical needs.


We produce and execute while in constant contact to with you to ensure a successful completion.


Complete project management from conception through installation and maintenance.  

We can provide you with a user-controlled dashboard, enabling you to completely control time sensitive content, as well as add, delete and edit live motion graphic files.  To see some live examples of our most recent installations, please contact us.

Our unique cloud based Content Management System allows us to oversee your installation remotely, and lets you make content updates easily and securely from any location. And it allows you to edit and control still graphic images within complex motion graphic installations with the simplicity of point and click. 

Our unique strengths are based on our ability to program complex multi-screen interactive video projects beyond the capability of most off the shelf CMS systems on the market.  

Programming languages:

Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, Linux, MacOS, Windows, CSS3 Animations with interactive content, Multitouch Interfaces, NodeJS, MongoDB and Redis for backend signage Core.



Surveys through games

Video wall

Social apps

Crowd games – Multiplayer games

Motion capture – Recording movement of people or objects and display them on a screen

Social photo booth - Take a picture, display it on conference screen and tag it to FB pages

Real time twitter wall - supporting various hash tags and comment moderation

3D video capture with Kinect


We look forward to working with you and bringing your brand to life.